Well Engineering Partners

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Well Engineering Partners (WEP) BV
Toldijk 17 -19
7901 TA Hoogeveen

Well Engineering Partners (WEP) is the expert in geothermal well engineering and drilling management in the North-Western Europe. WEP is able to fully support the client to succeed and will manage the whole process to obtain geothermal energy during the lifecycle of the project: from applying for a Licence to the Delivery of the wells to the operator, from Well design to a Drilling program and from Project Execution to Well Interventions and Abandonments.

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Are you looking for an expert in geothermal well engineering and drilling management? WEP is your partner!

WEP offers you all services under one roof to get the best producing geothermal wells at optimised cost per unit energy. Our team is looking forward to discussing with you the possibilities of geothermal energy for your organisation.

You can connect with us on LinkedIn and contact us by email info [at] we-p.nl or phone +31 (0) 528 227 710.