IGC Invest 2024 set for June 25 – 26 in Frankfurt, Main


The 6th edition of the International Geothermal Investment Conference (IGC Invest), to be held on 25-26 June 2024 in Frankfurt (Main), Germany, will bring together experts, investors and policymakers to discuss strategies for overcoming financing challenges and advancing geothermal projects. Interesting insights from municipal projects to EU taxonomy implications will be explored, shaping the future of sustainable geothermal finance.

Within the renewable energy sector, geothermal energy stands out as a promising and sustainable solution with the potential to meet a significant proportion of our global energy needs. However, unlike more established renewables such as wind and solar, geothermal energy often requires considerable upfront investment due to the need for exploration, drilling and infrastructure development. As a result, financing plays a crucial role in taking geothermal projects from concept to operation.

To address the complexities of financing in the geothermal sector, the fifth edition of the International Geothermal Investment Conference (IGC Invest) will be held in Frankfurt (Main), Germany on 25-26 June 2024. As a financial hub, Frankfurt provides an ideal setting for industry experts, investors and policymakers to discuss strategies for overcoming financing challenges and advancing geothermal projects worldwide.


Besides a general workshop on geothermal energy for non-experts, the conference programme on June 25 will include a forum showcasing current geothermal projects presented by municipal utilities, providing valuable insights into practical applications and successes in the field. In addition, a dedicated session will explore models of collaboration between energy suppliers and companies, fostering dialogue on effective partnerships and synergies within the industry.

On 26 June, the focus will shift to key issues such as the impact of the EU taxonomy on the financing of geothermal projects, ensuring alignment with sustainability criteria. Discussions will also address the bankability of geothermal projects and explore risk mitigation schemes to increase investor confidence in geothermal projects.

The conference will place particular emphasis on the EU taxonomy and its implications for the geothermal sector, recognising its pivotal role in shaping sustainable finance practices. The EU taxonomy aligns with ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles by providing a standardised framework for assessing the sustainability of economic activities, including those in the energy sector and geothermal projects. It categorises activities based on their environmental, social and governance performance, enabling investors to identify and invest in projects that meet ESG criteria.


To take part in the conference you can register here. There are still limited spots available.